Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Frugalicious Christmas Accent

Don't you love it when you can create something new and not have to spend a cent? How cool is that? Last week I created this fun little tiered china project and had it sitting in my kitchen. I thought it would be lovely with some holiday treats on it but as it sat there, my brain started whirling. Do you ever do that? Keep something out to look at it for a few days. You just never know what creative idea will pop up while you're washing dishes. I'll tell you more about me little tiered china project when I can take a decent picture of it unadorned after Christmas. By then perhaps, I'll come up with a project idea for it for Valentine's!

Sorry if I'm rambling...back on topic. As it sat there, I noticed it's very loose Christmas tree like shape. Hmmmm..... and then I saw my bowl of decor pears on the sideboard. And that darling little silver bird that I keep in my kitchen window. How about some greenery to fill in the spaces. I'm too lazy to crawl into the crawl space and try and find some so I run outside to the closest coniferous tree and hack off some greenery. Not much as I have the worst nasty cold on the planet this week and baby it's cold outside! I found some beaded fruit sprays to add a pop of Christmas color but it still needed something. I know. Some silver jingle bells I had purchased last year quickly placed around the "tree" tie in that silver bird. So...it's not quite a partridge in a pear tree but for absolutely no money and very little time...I'm pretty tickled with how it turned out. I know that the spruce isn't going to last until Christmas but no worries...there's lots more where that came from!

Quick Tip: Mix things you already own some holiday color and greenery for a inexpensive project.

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Happy Decorating! Julia


  1. Wow, that turned out gorgeous! It really does look like a Christmas tree, all fancied up. Love the budget you worked with.:)

  2. Awesome! It looks yummy, too!

  3. It's fabulous!!! And I love how you have it decorated.

  4. What a lovely idea! Love it! I did a similar thing on my post this week (used teapots sorta like you did this tiered plate). It's kind of fun to make a new decoration out of something that isn't usually a Christmas decoration and not spend much money!
    Jayne at mysongwithin

  5. I really love that!!! So pretty. And so neat that you were abel to cut the branches from your yard! Thanks for linking up to TWOC!

  6. I love it! I'm getting in the Christmas spirit early this year! Everyone has such great ideas!

  7. This is gorgeous, Julia. You've inspired me to stop and look around at what I already have for my holiday decorating! Thanks so much!

  8. This is beautiful...you have a very interesting blog!

  9. gorgeous, love it, very cool idea and love that silver bird :D


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