Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Scent of Home

photo from Claire Burke

What does your house smell like? There's something wonderful about surrounding yourself with scent that you love. I have to be quite careful about what scents I wear (I'm still sticking to Obsession even after 23 years) and what I bring into the house as a lot of scents can trigger a migraine for me. I'm pretty safe with food or spice scents. Go figure. Cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, vanilla...yummm! It amazes me how easy they are to use and how many options there are these days. I do believe my favorite will always be candles. I just love the warm glow, especially as the evenings are darker these days. They make everything so warm and cozy. I light one of my favorite candles each night on the kitchen sink window. I admit to not liking doing dishes that much and this always makes the chore a little bit more bearable.

Here's a few of my favorites....

I've been addicted to Grandma's Kitchen for years now. This is the big candle that sits in my kitchen window. It smells like yellow cake with vanilla frosting.

Claire Burke makes the most amazing Christmas fragrance, Christmas Memories. I have one of these lovely diffusers on it's way to me so I can enjoy it this season.

And here's the Christmas Memories candles. My mom discovered this scent and bought me a Vapourri Room Spray about five years ago. There's nothing like a scent to bring back memories and I cherish each one of have of her.

My favorite fragrance oil is the Body Shop's Spiced Apple. Unfortunately they no longer make it and I'm rationing out my few remaining drops. Their new Mulled Berries is a pretty good substitute.

This year I'm loving the Pier 1 Holiday Fragrance Beads. What a cool idea. I originally wasn't sure about the $8 CDN price tag but they smell beautiful and unlike a can have fragrance all the time. I did a little math... $8 ($5 in the US) divided by 60 days = 13 cents a day. Works for me. I even bought a few extras for stocking stuffers and hostess gifts.

Adding scent is a quick and easy way to make your home feel beautiful. So...what does your home smell like? I'd love some good new suggestions!

Take care!


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  1. Lovely post, Julia! I've always wanted my home to smell wonderful, and it makes me so happy when guests are here and they say that it does...! I love candles, and there's always on somewhere in the house...especially at this time of year. Thanks for such a lovely, inspirational new blog!


Thanks for stopping by Finding Beauty @ Home. And thanks for your lovely comments. I appreciate each one. Have a beautiful day!