Saturday, November 28, 2009

Something Wonderful

Something wonderful this way comes.

Oh I'm sooo excited! I've worked like crazy the past few days getting into my new craft room. Mr. fb@h has been finishing cupboards, installing drawer pulls, the light fixture and generally just working hard to get me in there.

So today I pretty much finished moving in and actually found a few minutes to create. We still have to trim the window and finish some of the cupboards but it feels so good to finally have my own space I just couldn't wait to share.

Here's a few quick peeks and I'll be back with exactly what I've done once it's finished. Hopefully before Christmas but you know how life gets this time of year. I probably won't do much in the form of decorating it. This room has to be practical and functional and keep me super organized with all my paper crafting supplies in a very small space. There really isn't much unused wall space in the room at all.

Do you have a project you've waited a long time for?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. Thanks for posting pictures of your room.. love the cabinets and the pulls and especially the countertops..

  2. Girlfriend I am drooling with envy and you've only posted teaser pictures!!!Looks incredible so far. What is that merry go round looking organizer?

  3. OHHHH I want to see more pictures!!! It looks lovely Julia! You are one lucky gal!

  4. Elaborate for us on what and where you found that merry go round clip organizer. Love it!


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