Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deck the Halls... last minute and budget solutions

It's never seems as there is quite enough money or time to do everything we want at this time of the year. That's OK. Just make the best of it. Here's a few easy solutions for decorating for the holidays that come to mind.

Mittens - Mittens have to be the cutest things. I love little mittens, especially the handknit variety. Frame them for some festive decorating or hang them up like a banner for a cozy look. If you're really ambitious, fill them with treats.

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Pictures - Wall art and picture frames can be easily and quickly decorated for a fun holiday touch. Place family holiday photos from past years in your picture frames,

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Ribbon - Ribbon is always festive looking. Use it as a garland, around the tree, tie it around any of the usual decorative accents in your home to give them a festive look.

Epsom Salts - Is this not the coolest thing? I found this Epsom Salts candle idea at the Inspired Room.

Candles - Candles are cozy and while wonderful all year long, they are especially festive at the holidays. Buy some holiday scented candles to make the house smell great and you get double duty for your money. If you buy white or ivory candles, you can use them for other occasions throughout the year making them much more economical. Tie a group of them together with twine and place a spring of greenery behind the knot for a pretty look.

Greenery - If you have access to spruce, pine and cedar trees, snip off some branches here and there and use them for holiday greenery. Yes, the needles will eventually fall but you have a vacuum right? And it's free!

Jingle Bells - This year I invested in a few packages of jingle bells in classic silver. Jingle bells never go out of style and by just adding them to the tablescapes you already have, add a festive touch.

Snowflakes - Love snowflakes as they are more of a winter decoration than specifically for Christmas. You have to like something that you can keep up for a little longer. Snowflake decorations are a classic touch and worth the investment.

Lights - I love white lights. You can never have too many lights and the new led lights are so energy efficient to run.

Sticks - The humble stick or branch is a great economical embellishment. Put them in a planter with greenery. Sprinkle them with glitter and arrange in a vase. Cut branches to straight even lengths and wrap around a candle. Anchor a branch in a pot and hang some sweet decorations from it.

Paper...banners, chains, tags are all great and inexpensive ways to decorate for Christmas. There is no limit as to what you can create from a little paper. And to tie in with the snowflakes theme, why not cut some out of paper? I've always loved how each one is different.

Baking Supplies - I love baking for the holiday and a sweet little arrangement of cookie cutters and other baking tools is a fun accent using things you already have. Baking tins are also great for trays to arrange things on.

So that's a few of my thoughts on decorating for the holidays. Just remember, you don't need to decorate every room. You don't need to keep up with the Jones'. Take time to enjoy the season and most of all, your loved ones.

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Happy Decorating!


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