Tuesday, January 26, 2010

c is for....


I'm just finishing up some of those pesky little details so that I can call my creative space finished. Or mostly so for now. I'm sure along the way I'll may a few changes but there were a few things let undone that were driving me crazy.

You may have noticed my C the other day and wondered what it was for. None of my initials start with C.

I found this C vinyl wall decor in Home Sense a couple months ago. I think Home Sense is the Canadian equivalent to Home Goods but am not quite sure. It had been marked down to $5 and I loved the big square shape. I do have a Silhouette Craft Cutter that I'm having fun cutting vinyl with but it just doesn't cut that wide. I decided to bring it home and mix the two.

This is the original vinyl tranfer...

And here it is with a little diy love added to it.

NOW it makes sense in my craft room and added some very inexpensive decoration. I didn't even worry that the two black vinyls were a little different. One is glossy, the other matte. Unless you stand at a very strange angle...you just can't tell.

So now if I can just get the last door handle installed...I'll be a happy girl!

Do you like vinyl wall decor? Have you ever altered it?


  1. I really like this decoration. . . and I LOVE your space. Oh, what a wonderful place! You did an awesome job with this!

  2. I love the way you decorated it. I love the vinyl letter.

  3. Hi, When I saw you mentioned Homesense on your blog entry I thought you must be Canadian! I love finding fellow Canadians in blogland.

  4. Your room is so wonderful! So peaceful and inspiring, you did a wonderful job with it.

  5. Wow! Love your space - wish I had room like that.

  6. i love your craft room! I have a room in my basement that I call my sanctuary and I love it but yours is just splendid.


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