Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Knew It

I just knew there was a reason I was hoarding all those candles! I seem to have a candle addiction these days.

Votives, tea lights, pillar candles, jar candles...I just can't seem to resist them. Now what I really want still is an oil lamp. And I have very good reason for one more addition.

You can light two dozen candles and still not have much light.

Now I've never done this before but today the weather was cold, wet and the wind howled all day. And then the power went off just before dinner as it was getting dark. Out came all those wonderful candles. They looked beautiful and shed some light and the little kids were so excited to see them all lit. Who am I kidding? I was lovin it too.

Dinner by fun! Of course, it was only hot dogs on the menu as they'd eaten VERY well all week. We were thankful that the gas stove will still work without electricity.

Here's some of our pretty candles...

And then the power came on just as we were sitting down to eat. Oh well. A bit of a relief but a bit of a disappointment too. I blew out most of the candles to save for another day.

I did learn a little lesson today. I was doing housework all day and getting just a little bit grumpy about how much had to be done. Having the power go out, ever for a short time makes me appreciate my modern conveniences. It was a different world without power. I wouldn't want to go back to it. I did however think about the quiet evenings that people used to have. Time to stop and think. That's something I often miss out on and I'm wondering if all our conveniences are such a good thing sometimes. A mixed blessing to be sure. I realized I need to slow down a little, enjoy my candles and enjoy some quiet time.

I learned something today...all those candles were a good and useful addiction and when I light one again, I hope I remember to slow down a little and take time to remember the important things in life.


  1. We used to eat by candlelight all the time when my girls were young. They didn't like vegetables, so one night when we had spaghetti I mushed up the veggies, put them in the spaghetti sauce & turned off the lights and ate by candle light! They ate every bite! Don't wait for the power to go out to eat by candlelight! Even if you only have hotdogs on the menu.

  2. Love the photo of all the candles. Even hotdogs are special by candlelight.


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