Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jumping in with Both Feet

Whenever I get excited about a creative project, I jump in with both feet. When I first discovered DIY home blogs a couple months ago, it was so inspiring. I needed a new creative project and my home needed a lot of help. I started off with a can of spray paint and went to town. I subscribed to many blogs and spent a lot of time drooling on my keyboard. Wouldn't it be cool if my home looked like that? And then reality hit. My home is NEVER going to look like that. Really truly when I think about it, I wouldn't want it to. My home needs to reflect me and my family's needs. I need to be real, love my home warts and all, and make a commitment to small changes as time and budget allows.

I've started making a few of those changes as the weeks go by. They may be small but I'm happy to see a little improvement each week that I can squeeze out some time. I'm hoping to find a large amount of time this week though as I'm jumping in with both feet to repurpose a piece of vintage furniture I found the other day. I've been madly searching Kijiji.ca for some great finds in my area and yesterday, finally brought one home. This project fits my budget, my need to be creative, my excitement over trying something new and it's going to be a great piece to make my kitchen eating area a bit homier. Here's what I found...

This vintage dresser has seen some better days. I love the concept of finding the beauty and giving it new life. The dresser came with a mirror that I'm saving in case I can think of another project to use it for. I'll be using this as a sideboard though. I'm thinking with some black paint, distressed edges and a nice tablescape on top it will look great. The drawers are sturdy and slide well and I'll be able to use them for storing candles, table linens and perhaps even homework.

I love the beautiful front raised detailing. Isn't that oval unique and cool?

I'm even liking the hardware and I just love that angled corner.

It even has nice legs!

And yes...that white stuff is hail. Can you tell I'm so anxious to get started I'm outside taking pics in this crazy weather?! I just knew I'd never be able to get a good photo once I got it as far as the shop.

I've given myself until the weekend to make some great progress. Do you think I can do it? Once this hail stops I'm off to buy some more sandpaper, some primer and some black paint.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. You are well on your way to having and enjoying a wonderful piece of furniture in your home. I love antique pieces....they have such a wonderful look and each one has a hidden story behind them.

  2. This is GORGEOUS! It's going to be beautiful when you're finished with it! I'm such a shabby girl, I'd probably just be in love with it as is! Can't wait to see it when you're all done!


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