Friday, January 22, 2010

color my world

I've always meant to keep a record of my paint colors...just in case I needed them again. When I first moved into this house almost 11 years ago, I was organized. I only had three kids and all of them were in school. I had a file as to just move into this place, a lot of work had to happen first.

But life happened and I didn't keep it up. When I saw that Stephanie from Frugal Home Ideas was having a paint color party...I thought it would be fun to join in and also get my paint colors all in one place.

It was interesting too. Seeing all my colors together in one place tells me a little more about what I like. Here's a peek into the colors of my world...

my kitchen:

Benjamin Moore Herbes de Provence CC-634

painted dresser:

Behr Black Suede

my livingroom/dining room:

Benjamin Moore HC 30 Philadelphia Cream

master bedroom:

Benjamin Moore Heavenly Blue 709

Basement and Back Hall:

Bar Harbour Beige CC-320

Upper Bathroom:

Benjamin Moore Bradstreet Beige HC- 48

Upper Hallway:

Benjamin Moore Sand Dunes 1072

laundry room/bathroom:

Benjamin Moore Heather Field CC-970

my creative space:

Benjamin Moore™ 2051-60 Birds Egg

I'm almost done! Full pics coming in a couple days.
Daughter's Bedroom:

Benjamin Moore Flagstone CC 516

my family room to be:

Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC 146

A few color notes:
  • Flagstone is the yummiest color ever. My daughter and I adore it in her room and I'd recommend it to anyone
  • I'm totally lovin' my Bird's Egg creative space. It's a wonderful blue...fresh and inspiring.
  • My living room color is nice but it's too light. It's getting painted this spring.
  • I like my funky purple bathroom.
  • My kitchen color is beautiful...even with dark cupboards. Herbes de Provence is so soothing. If you buy it...beware...first coat will look nasty going on but hang in will be gorgeous.
So I've decided I like cozy mid-toned colors with a touch of grey in them. Soothing colors in my mind.

What are your favorite colors to paint with?

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  1. Love all your color choices. Just when your color taste seems to be more on the traditional side, you throw in a bright color that is full of fun. Love it!

  2. Love the Flagstone and the Herbs de Provence! I am going to have to add those to my "to try?" list!!! This is such a fun party!


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