Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simple Custom Photo Frames

I'm busy trying to get over the flu, get caught up around the house and squeezing in a few minutes here and there to finish up my creative space. I'm so's almost done! The other day I came up with this super simple project to customize one of the photo frames that I purchased for my room.

I bought it on sale, of course, and loved the clean lines and great look. I have this thing for square photos. Now this frame is not square but the photo opening are and I just love it. I brought it home and sat it on the shelf. It looked great but then I got the idea to give it a finishing touch.

Rub-on transfers look beautiful on glass. Did you know that? I've used them on frames before and thought that I'd show you just how easy it is. Rub-on transfers have been a bit part of the scrapbooking/crafting market over the past few years and I've amassed quite a collection. I love how clean and easy they are to work with and they can be rubbed onto a lot of different sufaces. Glass, ceramic, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood. Fun huh?

This particular rub-on was found in my drawer. I love the sentiment...Life is Good and the very pretty ornate border. While the style does contrast with the clean lines of the frame, the shape coordinates well and I love mixing up past with present. You won't be able to find this particular rub-on transfer any longer as Daisy D's has gone out of business but a visit to your local scrapbooking store should give lots of options.

May sure your glass surface is very clean and dry. No fingerprints, dust or oils as they will interfere with the adhesion.

Trim out desired rub-on from sheet. Remove backing and carefully apply where desired.

Use a popsicle stick (most packages come with one) or a rub-on transfer tool to rub firmly onto glass. Be careful not to shift the rub-on.

Keep rubbing until all of the design is transferred. You will see the image become lighter. Remove film carefully.

Turn film over and lay over your rub-on. Lightly burnish to make sure you have a good bond.

And that's it!

Enjoy your pretty frame.

Happy creating!

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  1. Nice photo frame Julia; I will definitely be trying this one day. I also look forward to seeing your creative space makeover. I know you are a very talented paper crafter as I have visited Belle Papier many times. TFS! Sheila


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