Tuesday, January 19, 2010

just playin

I'm just taking a little break from painting my craft room trim. Yes...I finally broke down and am going to finish the job. That's what happens when you stop for the holidays. We moved onto bigger things and left that little chore dangling. It's already the 19th though and I'm itching to get it crossed off my January To Do List. Seriously...hubby has way more of the list than I and he's making some great headway.

I found a few on-line color sites to play around with. First one...Benjamin Moore. Love their paint. I've tried others but end up being frustrated and wonder why I strayed. Their Personal Color Viewer is so much fun to try out paint colors with no mess. Apparently you can upload your own photo but as my room is totally torn apart...I'm not going there right now. Maybe once the drywall goes on.

Here's a few different rooms I tried out with Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC- 146 ...

It's interesting how it looks a little different in each photo depending on the light.

Next I discovered Color-a-room at bhg.com They don't use Benjamin Moore colors so I went with a close approximate. In this program you can pick a room to color and even change up the decor colors. I tried to make this room have a burgundy/wine sofa but it fell a little short. I just couldn't get the depth of color but really...not bad. I was getting some idea how it might look. My hands are tied right now designing around it but oh well.

And here's the hideous still functional reclining sofa. It was a gift, never my choice, but it fit the budget at the time. Unfortunately...the budget still says it needs to stay a little while longer. I must say, it is comfy the rare times I actually sit in it to watch a movie. You may be wondering at the weird angle. It's currently situated in my dining room for the duration of the renovation along with other various things from the family room. A little judicious cropping was in order.

OK one last try...for this image I did a little retouching in Photoshop Elements. I found this living room set image on-line somewhere with soft white walls and then changed them to my color or something close. I also "stained" the hardwood darker to get closer to my existing flooring. It's not perfect but I wanted to have some idea how it would work. It's not a perfect representation but I think it will work ok until I can replace the sofa.

I'm sure there's lots of other fabulous on-line tools out there. If you have any links...I'd love to try them out!

Off to finish up another coat,


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