Saturday, November 21, 2009

Felted Pin Cushion

This is a fast little project I've been meaning to make for quite a while. Although the saucer of this teacup is missing, I thought it could be reused for a fun project. I need a little pincushion for my paper crafting and making it out of felted sweater scraps was a fun idea.

To make the pin cushion...
  • form felt around a wad of polyester fill, sew into a firm ball that will fit into a teacup
  • To make roses, cut 1.25" strips of felt. Roll and twist them into roses while tacking with a needle and thread.
  • Tack your roses to the felt ball.
  • Cut out leaf shapes from green felted wool. Stitch around roses.

I'm excited with my quirky little pin cushion. I use needles and all kinds of fancy pins in my paper crafting and this will be a fun way to store them with ease.

Have a beautiful day!



  1. Such a wonderful idea, Julia! My daughter and I love making felted things...she's quite the artist, actually, I'm just trying to keep up with her!

    Thanks for the visit today--and thanks again for those beautiful etc. images--love them!

  2. I love this idea. Great project for someone like me that doesn't do a lot of sewing.


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