Saturday, January 16, 2010

baby steps

I managed to make a little progress on the huge January To Do list today. My daughter and I went shopping and picked out a beautiful ceiling fan. I just have to take hubby back to see it but I know he'll love it. Ceiling fans are one of those difficult things to purchase. At least in Canada. It seems as though most of the options would suit better a couple decades ago. The one we found is 60" wide with a hefty price tag but when we've put this much time and material into redoing the ceiling, I'm not wimping out on the light fixture. It will be there for years and I just want to be able to love it. This room is going to be a bit of a long term project. I know that I have to live with the furniture I currently own for a while and add piece by piece. That's OK though. It will make me appreciate it more!

One of the things I've been totally stressing over is the paint color. My current furniture was a gift and not quite what I would have chosen. It's been well loved for the past 10 years though. Probably the best choice would be to go neutral with it but I'm so tired of BEIGE!

I decided to do a little surfing this afternoon and hit the Pottery Barn site. Can you believe I'd never heard of it before a couple months ago. There are no Pottery Barns in Canada and that's OK. I probably wouldn't be able to shop their anyway. OOPS! I stand corrected...there are! Hmmmmmm....

well, I still can't afford it probably.

I CAN window shop though for inspiration. Flipping through I found this wall color....

What do you think?

Benjamin Moore HC-146

Doing a little more surfing I found this is quite a popular color on some DIY blogs. I like what I've seen so I think I'll give it a whirl. I love the contrast of it with the white trim. I have lots of wide white trim in this old house. Pro number's a historical color so it should work well in my century old home. Pro number three...a LOVELY change from this pink!

before picture at the start of the reno
I know. Scary huh?

Yay for two things crossed off my list. I also spied a couple lamps for my bedroom that I'm putting on my birthday wish list. I had hoped to get my craft room window painted but I ended up getting derailed by cleaning it up. Oh well. Step by step it will slowly come together.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. I'm not a HUGE fan of blue, but that's a really great colour - not too cool, and it will look great with your white trim, especially if it's a slightly warm white....

  2. Hi Julia,
    I've heard that Toronto has a Pottery Barn. Maybe your closer to T.O. than me because I'm about 4 hrs. away. Funny thing though, I just mentioned to hubby this afternoon that I would like to take a little trip down to T.O. so I could visit the Pottery Barn store. Good luck! TFS! Sheila

  3. Hi Julia,
    Love the colour you picked. I think it would look lovely. Just to let you know, there are Pottery Barn stores in Canada... 3 that I know of in Toronto. If you're ever in Toronto, check one out at the Eaton Centre.

  4. I have those wrought iron wall thingys in my bedroom. They were clearance a couple of years ago and I jumped on them. I love the blue wall color. It's very happy.

  5. we have Pottery Barn around here and its dangerous. We even have PB outlets at the local outlet mall. Really dangerous!

    I think the blue looks great!


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