Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the renovation process

I have a love/hate thing going with renovations. Love the end result. Love the planning. The dreaming.

The process? Not so much.

It's messy. Hard work. And while we always get off to a great start. Life happens. Construction stalls. Or maybe it just seems to. We're still hard at work. The wiring is slow. Installing the ductwork. The insulation. All that is not glamorous but so essential. It's worth the wait and hard work because the end product just would not be the same without it. Just an empty shell. A film set.

It occurred to me the other day that my life is just like a renovation. Some of the parts I'd rather just not go through. The hard days. The things that seem senseless. The pain and the trials. Just like a renovation, I need to learn more patience.

We've all heard the saying...Please be patient with me... God isn't finished with me yet. How true is that? I know that inside there's still a lot to be done. How about a little more patience. More love. More worship. A million other things too.

What inspired this whole thought process? On Sunday I was listening to some ministry on Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God has my best interests at heart. Even when I can't see where this is going. He has a plan. A blueprint. And it's far greater than anything I can ever imagine. I can trust Him. How amazing is it that there is a particular plan for me? That God is interested in every aspect of my life?

And so along the way, I still have laundry to do, lessons to learn, a light to shine, love to bestow, a life to live and lumps to be carefully smoothed away by the Master's hand. My Father's hand.

So I'll hold on and trust. I know He'll never let me go. And I know that while the process may not be what I want much of the time, it needs to be done and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result. It's all going to be worth it.

Just a few simple thoughts from a life under construction,



  1. Hi Julia,
    We've been through the reno process so often - the best part is being able to look at the finished project and knowing that you did it!
    I love Rom. 8:28, and especially appreciate your thoughts on it. In a reno, you can sometimes take shortcuts, and sometimes they work out okay, but sticking with the original plan is often the best way by far! It's that way with God's plan for my life too. So often, I think I know exactly what He's going to do, and think I have a better plan, or can take a shortcut, but only He knows the final plan. I need to trust that His way will be far better than anything I can come up with. I know about the lumps too - and thankfully, He does smooth them! I'm letting His light in my life shine! Thank you for sharing your light! Jannette

  2. When it's least expected, God sometimes completely renovates our lives. It's not till we get to the end of the "renovation" that we see God's plan.

  3. Such beautiful thoughts, you are amazing!



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