Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Home To Do List

I actually started off this post as a 2010 to do list.

Then I scared myself.

It was huge.

So in interests of my mental health...I've decided to make a monthly home to do list. Much more manageable in bite sized chunks of work, don't you think? This month poor hubby has the lion's share of the work

  • wire family room
  • finish insulating
  • install vapour barrier
  • hook up central vac to 2nd floor
  • board family room ceiling
  • tape and mud drywall
  • remove gas fireplace
  • patch floor
  • hang and trim closet doors in family room
  • buy ceiling fan
  • install pot lights
  • pick paint for family room
  • prime and paint family room
  • finish painting trim in craft room - yes I really do want to finish this so I can show you!
  • finish packing up the Christmas decorations, just a couple strays still kicking around
  • hang blinds in back entrance
  • plan window coverings for family room will be interesting to see how far we get. I see a lot of busy nights and Saturdays in our future and I'm thinking some of this list will probably run into February.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Hi Julia,
    Your list is long even though you broke it down by month. Good luck to you and hubby but don't be surprised if you're still working on it in February. TFS! Sheila


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